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Smart Contract Audit

Harness the power of an effective 4-stage audit methodology valued by industry leaders

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Why audit smart contract

Protect your project from vulnerabilities and show users your focus on security

Due to vulnerabilities in smart contracts, your project may lose money, reputation, and time. Users look at security when making an investment decision. Smart contract auditing services remove these vulnerabilities.

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  • Avoid costly errors

    Critical security vulnerabilities may put your project’s existence at risk. The biggest hacks are mostly caused attributable to code security flaws.

  • Optimize your code

    Get advice from the best smart contract audit company to optimize your code. Apart from security flaws, our specialists detect bugs affecting product logic.

  • Increase audience trust

    Smart contract code audit is your answer to the question “Is this project a secure choice? The incident rate among the projects audited by Hacken is <1%.

Smart Contract Audit Is Essential

  • $3.8B stolen from crypto projects in 2022
  • DeFi Protocols accounted for 82% of all hack losses in 2022
  • Double damage: direct financial losses + token price drop

What projects need a Smart Contract Audit?

  • Decentralized Exchanges

  • DeFi Platforms

  • NFT Marketplaces

  • Crypto Wallets

  • Gaming & Virtual Worlds

  • … and every app or service component using smart contracts!

When does a project need a smart contract audit?

  • When preparing for product release
  • Upon noticing any malicious activities
  • After introducing major updates
  • Before important listing

Looking forward to avoiding exploits and making your project free of security flaws?

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Benefits of Hacken Smart Contract Audit

  • Time-Efficient Process

    Audit duration is agreed upon with the customer during the negotiation phase. We start the audit immediately after a client provides us with all required documentation.

  • Transparent Pricing

    The price of the audit is determined at the stage of negotiations. It is based only on the audit complexity and scope. There are no hidden fees and penalties.

  • Expertise

    Hacken is the European vendor that started auditing projects in 2017 and since then we have developed our own audit quality standards and methodology.

  • Community Trust

    Hacken audits are integrated into CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, and CER.live. Thus, it serves as an indicator of your reliability for users.

  • Human Face

    We are real individuals. You can find our team members on LinkedIn/Twitter as well as meet us during industry events.

  • Quality

    Hacken has a <1% incident rate among the audited projects and 0% of scam ventures.

how does it work?

We start audit when you are ready

  • 1 3-10 DAYS

    Get a quote

    You submit the required documentation and get the estimation of the audit scope, timeline, and price.

  • 2 Fix it

    Audit Report

    After the end of initial testing, our specialists will provide you with a report specifying detected vulnerabilities with recommendations on their fixing

  • 3 2-5 DAYS

    Remediation check

    After you introduce fixes, our team will perform a remediation check (1 check is included in the smart contract audit price) to ensure that all changes are correct

  • 4

    Certification and promotion

    Integrate Hacken audit into your website and see it displayed on CER.live, CMC, and CoinGecko. Your audit will be mentioned on the Hacken-owned and partner media

Reach our team to get an estimate and price

Tech Peculiarities

Yevhenii Bezuhlyi

Yevhenii Bezuhlyi

Head of Smart Contracts Audits Department

“There are 2 auditors who check your code separately from each other. Their results are then verified by a senior auditor. Thus, it is a triple-check of your code minimizing the risk that any issue may remain undetected”.

Hacken is among the best smart contract audit companies. Our methodology is accepted by CER, CoinGecko, and CoinMarketCap.

We apply a four-stage approach to code review and analysis as it’s the most critical part.
First, we run automatic tests to check all possible states of the contract and catch simple issues. While the fine use of automatic tools limits the final smart contract audit cost, manual review is the priority of our smart contract security audit methodology.
Second, two separate auditors conduct independent line-to-line code reviews and analyses.
Third, the lead auditor manually checks the parallel audits and performs an additional code review.
Finally, auditors share the results and work out all disputable points.

Crypto Audit by Hacken is so effective because it relies on several auditors to detect hidden weaknesses. We encourage our customers to go through our methodology before the audit and discuss any concerns and suggestions.

Dedicated teams for languages:

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What will you get after an audit?

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    After the audit, you will be able to integrate the badge “audited by Hacken” into your website.

    Hacken audit will be attached to your project’s page on:

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    If your project meets Hacken’s partnership requirements, we will offer you an extended service package including marketing activities.

    Hacken social media coverage:

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What does Smart Contract Audit Report include?

  • Classification of vulnerabilities depending on their severity

  • Step-by-step recommendations on how to fix all issues

  • Smart contract scoring according to 4 parameters: documentation quality, code quality, architecture quality, and security.

Trusted by the Crypto Community

  • Bobby Ong

    Bobby Ong

    Co-founder, CoinGecko

    "CoinGecko is excited about working with Hacken for our bug bounty program. We are well aware of the dangers that vulnerabilities may present to our users and this is one way where we take proactive steps together with Hacken to ensure and improve the safety, security, and integrity of our platform."

  • Isha Tyagi

    Isha Tyagi

    Technical Program Manager at NEAR

    "We highly recommend Hacken to anyone in need of Web3 security services and a reliable partner for their blockchain initiatives. Their team’s professionalism and expertise in the security space have helped us to secure an ecosystem for our users."

  • Sunny Lu

    Sunny Lu

    CEO, Vechain

    "Hacken founders inherited quality, professionalism, and integrity from Deloitte, their ex-employer."

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Why Hacken?

  • 5+

    Years of Expertise

  • 1,000+


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  • 1,200+

    Audited Projects

  • 100+

    Team Members

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  • What are smart contracts?

    Smart contracts are digital contracts that automatically execute transactions once predetermined conditions are met. Smart contracts are executed when certain pre-programmed conditions are met.

  • Why do web3 projects rely on smart contracts?

    Smart contracts facilitate trade between anonymous and known parties since there is no need for a middleman. Smart contracts provide the benefits of security, disintermediation, transparency, and near real-time execution. They ensure the credibility of transactions and thereby promote trust between players.

  • What are smart contract security risks?

    They may seem like complicated systems, but all smart contracts are still computer programs or protocols with function statements and variables that are vulnerable to hacks and exploits. Many smart contracts are fraudulent in nature: unethical actors insert malicious functionality to get unauthorized access and steal money. In our practice, we have seen dozens of unique and repeated loopholes inserted in the code. Besides, some parts of the protocol can be of low quality in terms of protection. Hackers carefully study all the errors and try to capitalize on them. There is a real risk of losing hundreds, thousands, or even millions of dollars due to exploits of smart contract vulnerabilities. A full audit by a team of professionals will help protect your financial interests by identifying and removing all vulnerabilities and exploits.

  • What is a smart contract audit?

    The smart contract audit process consists of vulnerability assessments of smart contracts as well as identification of security flaws and network vulnerabilities. The audit team will review existing security practices that the project uses in its smart contracts. The auditing firm will also provide recommendations to the project team on security policies and better security controls designed to protect the project from new vulnerabilities.

  • Why smart contract audit is important?

    Smart contracts have irreversible nature: once deployed, they cannot be altered. A smart contract audit allows a project to eliminate flaws that would be exploited by malicious actors to perform unauthorized activities such as minting tokens. As a result of a smart contract audit, the auditor provides a client with a report specifying all detected vulnerabilities and their severity level. Thus, a client can prioritize eliminating critical and high-severity issues. Generally, a smart contract audit serves as the confirmation of the project’s reliability for investors and potential partners and generally allows a project to position itself as a reputable player.

  • Can I conduct a smart contract audit myself?

    We encourage projects to use their internal resources to review smart contracts. Internal audits can identify vulnerabilities. However, there is extra value to professional audit. A third-party auditing team offers an external call. This is the only way to receive an authoritative opinion and informed recommendations on your code from the outside. On top of that, the internal team may lack the necessary expertise or time to comprehensively review a smart contract. External audit firms have entire teams that specialize in security research and smart contract vulnerability assessment.

  • How much does a smart contract audit cost?

    On average, smart contract audit costs from $12,000 to $18,000. The cost of the audit, as well as duration, depends on many factors like complexity of the project, amount of code, customer’s timeline. We will be able to provide you even with the approximate figures after taking a look at your code.

  • What benefits does a company get upon passing a contract audit?

    Smart contract audit allows a company to detect and then eliminate vulnerabilities in a smart contract by exploiting which attackers can cause serious damage to this company and its clients. The passed audit will also serve as a confirmation of the company’s reliability for potential partners and investors.

  • Will I get recommendations on how to address detected issues after an audit?

    Yes, our specialists will provide you with a report containing step-by-step recommendations on how to eliminate detected issues.

  • What is the duration of a smart contract audit?

    The duration of a smart contract audit varies depending on the audit scope and complexity. Generally, the audit duration is specified before the process starts so that a customer knows the expected delivery date.

  • Do security engineers pay attention only to security vulnerabilities?

    Although the main focus during the audit is made on security flaws, our specialists will also advise a client on how to improve the code functionality for better performance.

  • Why should I trust Hacken?

    Hacken is a trusted blockchain security auditor with 5+ years of expertise. Hacken is a trusted member of the smart contract audit crypto community. We have worked with hundreds of famous projects including the biggest crypto exchanges, top CMC projects as well as a government.

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